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Send us your queries and find out how fast we can respond to you.

RFQs and general inquires contact window:
Iris Yam
Tel: 86 755 23728260
E-mail: iris@lstmoulding.com or sales@lstmoulding.com
Website: www.lstmoulding.com

Technical support & customer complaint contact window:
Tom Li
Tel: +86 134 2435 4631
E-mail: tom@lstmoulding.com
Website: www.lstmoulding.com

How to send us an RFQ?
1. To get a quotation, it‘s mandatory to send us the 2D/3D drawings, or send us a sample as an option.
Our 3D software support file extensions like: .igs/.iges, .stp/.step, .x t, .catpart, .sldprt, . .xmt-bin, etc.
In case the drawings are not complete and samples not available, a design concept may be helpful to get a budgetary quote. -- Let us know what's available, we'll try best to help.

2. For plastic molds/parts RFQs.
It’s excellent if you have the detail specs (mold steel, plastic material, cavity number, injection system, surface finish, mold life).If not, let us know the parts application and estimate annual demand, we’ll recommend suitable solutions and quote to you according.


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