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LST MOULD has a strong and professional R & D team with 9 staffs , we adapt advanced CAD, CAE, CAM and other software designed to continuously improve innovation , and establish a large database of standard mold . The company has many years of experience in design development , we continue to accumulate , to provide customers with better quality molds and strong technical support .

Maybe you just have an idea or concept , you can begin to cooperate with us , that we can put your ideas into 3D models or samples. our R & D team take full advantage of the best knowledge and skills to communicate closely with customers to design high-quality molds. But if you give us a complete CAD drawings or 3D models , first we 'll review analysis, design , manufacture, production will not have any problems,

We have CAD/CAM/CAE system and mainly utilize below advanced soft
- Pro/Engineer / SolidWorks / Unigraphics (3D Modeling)
- AutoCAD (2D Modeling)
- CATIA (3D Modeling)
- MasterCAM (CNC Programming)
- Mold Flow Analysis (injection simulation /deform simulation)

Mould design is the most important step of the mold manufacturing, to guarantee high quality plastic parts, we analyze and determine mold structure from gates, runners, cooling system and ejector system to make sure the best solution are used. And also we pay more attention to details, such as mold steel, mold base, mold accessories, plastic raw material selection, etc. Before the start of manufacturing , we will send mold design and drawings to the customer for approval. LST to regulate employee behavior as the basis of communication , expressly require employees to ensure quality of products and services requires communication with customers frank , simple, effective,and seek team members recommended that organizations improve work efficiency .

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