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Quality in every step

Quality of LST Mould & Plastic Manufacture limited is very strict  according to DME/HSACO/LKM standard and customer require for plastic mould quality control, and offer Weekly Report for on time deliver.

Inspection machine and tools:

1:3 MM from Switzerland

2:Optical Measuring Projector

3:Hardness gauge

4:Vernier caliper, micrometer, thick/thin plug gauge, screw gauge

5:Toolmaker Microscope, height master, surface Plate

Inspection content:

1:Customer's Mould Specification Sheet Check

2:Design Optimize control

3:Mould Steel Hardness Inspection

4:Mould Electrodes Inspection

5:Mould Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection

6:Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection

7:Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection

8:Mould Pre-Shipment Final Inspection

9:Mould Package Inspection

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